commercial and resdiential aerial photo

Aerial Photography and Videography

Residential and Commercial

Aerial photos and videos are a great way to get a different perspective. Whether you are selling a home, showing a golf course, or trying to sell a piece of commercial property, aerial photography could be the solution for you.

aerial view of golf course

Thermal Imaging

Getting an aerial view can give you a different perspective, but sometimes you need more information that what an ordinary camera can provide. Thanks to our advanced thermal technology Aerial Advantages can get thermal aerial photos or videos depending on your needs.

commercial and resdiential aerial photo


Keeping up with a job site can be tough without the right equipment. Fortunately we are here to help! If you just need a single aerial photo of a job site we can help with that or if you need scheduled aerial updates on how a construction site is operating we can help with that too!

overcast construction site

Aerial Mapping

Being able to get an overviewe of your land can be very impportant as a business owner or someone trying to get an overview of some land. Aerial Advatanges can do aerial surveys to assist with this process by methodically going over an aeria from above that would not be possible from the ground.

drone roof inspection

Data Collection

If you are interested in your own flying machines, we can hekp with that too. We make custom helicopters for whatver you might need. Whether you are insterested in FPV, aerial photography, or even just some recreational flying we have the expiernce to build the aerial vehicle you need.

drone roof inspection

Engineering Solutions

Putting your payload onto an aerial platform can require engineering services such as developing and integrating radio links, custom brackets, fixtures and actuators, lifting and releasing mechanisms and guidance based solutions. Ask us about some of the problems we have helped atypical customers solve.